2019 Resident Grant Award Recipients Announced

The ACVO Vision for Animals Foundation (VAF) is pleased to announce the 2019 Resident Grant Award recipients:

Dr. Britta Fisher, Auburn University
Evaluation of corneal tissue welding with infrared laser irradiation following full-thickness clear corneal incisions in the equine cornea 

Dr. Kelly Knickelbein, University of California – Davis
Normative in vivo ultrasound biomicroscopy data for the assessment of the cornea and anterior segment of adult horses 

Dr. Michelle Martin de Bustamante, University of Florida
Investigation of the fecal bacterial microbiota and its functional potential in horses with equine recurrent uveitis

Dr. Louise O’Leary, Iowa State University
Accuracy and precision of compounded famciclovir for treatment of cats affected with feline herpesvirus type-1

Dr. Alex Sigmund, University of Tennessee
Concentration of topically applied 0.5% oxytetracycline in tears over time in normal dogs