VAF goals & strategic plan

The ACVO Vision for Animals Foundation has adopted the following goals for 2017.

 GOAL 1:  Major Grants Program/Think Tank
Continue the organization’s major grant program to fund larger projects.


  • Summarize results of the Canine Glaucoma Think Tank in a White Paper and submit to Veterinary Ophthalmology (Q1).
  • Issue an RFP and award a large grant for research on Canine Glaucoma (June/July– October 2017).
  • Host a breakfast at the 2017 ACVO Conference to select a topic for the 2018 Think Tank and update diplomates about VAF activities (October 2017).
  • Review the potential for establishing a Canine Glaucoma Consortium.

GOAL 2Outreach & Public Relations
Better educate both diplomates and the general public about the work of the Vision for Animals Foundation and ways to support the organization.


  • Promote the work of the Think Tank to various media channels
  • Create Canine Glaucoma section on website and develop rack cards on this topic.
  • Add VAF ribbons in every conference packet.

GOAL 3:  Fundraising
Grow existing and diversify revenue sources.


  • Promote the Pet Letters program more widely.
  • Continue to add “friendraising” events/other activities at regional meetings (SEVOS, NEVOS, Midwest, etc.)
  • Consider planning a one-day CE meeting.

Goal 4:  Board Governance


  • Create a Finance Committee to assist Secretary/Treasurer with financial oversight.
  • Develop a Board Orientation for new members.
  • Review by-laws to ensure compliance.


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For a more detailed long-range plan, see Strategic Plan (2013-2018).