Congratulations 2021 Resident Grant Award Recipients!

The VAF is thrilled to announce the following 2021 Resident Grant award recipients.  The award winners will receive a combined total of $21,385.

Dr. Billie Beckwith-Cohen, Michigan State University
Retinal remodeling and plasticity in a CABP4-mutant model of retinal degeneration

Dr. Kourtney Dowler, University of Missouri
Ophthalmic viscoelastics commonly used in cataract surgery: a microbiota investigation

Dr. Michael Minaldi, Mississippi State University
Effects of topical ropivacaine hydrochloride 0.5% and lidocaine hydrochloride 2% on corneal sensitivity in horses

Dr. Melanie Mironovich, Louisiana State University
Utilizing polymeric antioxidant-loaded nanoparticles as a delivery system to mitigate photo-oxidative stress of whole porcine lenses in vitro

Dr. Brett Story, UC Davis
Ocular pathology of Tay-Sachs disease in Jacob sheep

Thank you to Grants Committee Chair, Dr. Georgina Newbold, and committee members, Drs. Rachel Allbaugh, Heather Chandler, Andrew Lewin, Keiko Miyadera, Sami Pederson, Erin Scott, Gillian Shaw, Kyle Tofflemire, Sarah Thomasy and Tomo Wiggans. for your time and energy!