Congratulations 2023 Resident Grant Award Recipients!

The ACVO Vision for Animals Foundation (VAF) is pleased to announce the 2023 Resident Grant Award recipients.  Award winners will receive a combined total of $38,247.

Ashley Bowyer, DVM, Kansas State University, $4,764
Pharmacokinetics and adverse effects of voriconazole administered orally q72 hours in healthy cats

Tiffany Chen, DVM, University of Pennsylvania, $3,500
Comparison of needle electrodes versus gold cup skin electrodes for scotopic clinical electroretinography in the dog

Paul McCarthy, Eye Clinic for Animals, Australia, $7,483
Evaluation of hearing in dogs with Sudden Acquired Retinal Degeneration Syndrome (SARDS)

Erinn P. Mills, University of California – Davis, $7,500
Determining the Effect of A Novel Topical Lipid Therapy on Tear Film Inflammatory Cytokine Profiles in Dogs with Evaporative Dry Eye Disease (EDED)

Callie Rogers, DVM, Cornell College of Veterinary Medicine, $7,500
The effects of photodynamic therapy with indocyanine green (EmunoDo®) and 810nm diode laser on the healthy equine

Aaron Sieve, DVM, University of Missouri, $7,500
A microbiota investigation of ophthalmic trypan blue commonly used in canine cataract surgery –

Thank you to the Grants Committee (see list of members below) and to all of the ABVO residents who submitted proposals this year.

ACVO Vision for Animals Grants Committee:  Drs. Andrew Lewin and Becky Telle, Co- Chairs; Drs. Chris Alling, Heather Chandler, Braidee Foote, Kelly Knickelbein, Keiko Miyadera, Georgina Newbold, Sami Pederson, Lionel Sebbag,  Colleen Sheridan, Alex Sigmund, Kyle Tofflemire